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“Geoff Thinks he sucks (and He’s right)”

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"Geoff discovers the Ninja way.”


“Geoff leave the house”


“Geoff has a nightmare”



“Geoff gets a job (sort of)”



“Geoff gets in over his head”

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Based out of Prince George BC, Geoff and the Ninja(GATN), is the story of Geoff and his ridiculous all-powerful roommate, the Ninja. After his girlfriend elopes with his embezzling boss, Geoff is left in financial and emotional ruin. On the verge of losing his house, finding a roommate becomes his last resort. Ninja arrives like a hurricane dragging a reluctant Geoff on countless dangerous adventures and tribulations. At first Geoff can't stand his new Roomie, but he soon learns, there is more to the Ninja then meets the eye.

GATN is a live action cartoon sitcom with humor more akin to the likes of "Futurama" and "Rick and Morty." The show balances wild adventure with a genuine perspective of self improvement.

Co-Created by Jonathan Chuby and Jeremy Abbott
GATN TV Series.Inc



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Look Mom! We made the paper!

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We had a booth at Fan-Con!

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Comedian Daniel Chia gets Ninjafied!

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Co-Creator Jeremy Abbott Interview with Novus TV.


Over the Edge - Interviews Co-creator Jon Chuby


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